Native 1 jewelry is adorned with symbols that are sacred and special to the Native

Americans. These symbols depict images that represent life in the Native American

communities. These images are important to the individual and their community,

representing a culture that pays respect and homage to the Creator or Higher Power.

The symbols and images tell the story of a life journey.

" Some of the Native Artists have offered an interpretation of the symbols used in their work."


Symbol Interpretation


These symbols represent some of the elements of nature, describing a connection with the whole universe through myths and stories. Kokopelli is the flute player who carries the seeds that symbolizes the reproduction of life. The life giving rain falls from the clouds with lightning announcing its arrival. The rainbow is the bridge between earth and sky.
Water is the element that flows through everything and sustains life. It produces the corn which is a sacred food, along with the flower on the squash blossom. The bear is an earth creature that symbolizes the strength and courage needed to face all challenges and obstacles. Inside of the bear lies the heartline which is the essence of life. The dragonfly characterizes the transformation that occurs in life. The hand represents all of us and the maze symbolizes the road of life. We all travel through the maze and during the journey we eventually experience a rebirth or transformation into greater awareness or consciousness. As we emerge through the maze we finally recognize the universal connection.

Additional Symbol Meanings

Badger - perseverance, independence

Bear - strength, courage, introspection
the power of the soul

Bear Paw - the curing power of the bear
Individual signature print

Buffalo - endurance to overcome one’s weakness
great emotional courage
provider to all

Corn Maiden - honored for nurturing her people with the flesh of her body (corn)

Coyote - trickster, laughter, humor

Cross - divine union

Deer - the power of gentleness

Eagle - spirit, a connection with the divine
creator, teacher

Heart - love

Hummingbird - messenger, stopper of time

Lizard - conversation, agility

Owl - essence of true wisdom

Shaman - guidance, spiritual enhancement

Snake - power of creation, transmutation, life and death, rebirth

Spider - creative patterns of life

Storyteller - keeper of tradition, teacher

Sun - creator

Turtle - longevity, symbol of Mother Earth

Wolf - teacher, pathfinder on the journey of survival

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